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IOS Devices

Due to the fact that iPads & iPhones are marketed so well, we were forced to let go of our resistance to the Apple products. There are a few good tricks and apps that we have picked up along to way for you to make the most of these pesky little devices.

Android Devices

Wireless providers are always more than happy to sell and upgrade you to the latest and greatest phones.  Unfortunately, they don’t get paid to show you how to use that phone (it interferes with their time to sell to the next customer).
tv 200

Smart TVs

Got a new Toshiba TV (or other fancy device) that is supposed to let you watch Netflix but can’t figure it out?  We can get you up and running and give you enough of an understanding to make fun of your other friends that still don’t have theirs working.

Windows PCs

A tune up can usually be completed in an hour and can make your computer run just as smoothly as the day you bought it (assuming you didn't have any problems that day, in which case it will run BETTER than on the day you bought it!).

What can Roam Mobility do for you?

The simple answer is: Roam Mobility can save you Money any time you use your cell phone in the US.

If you have an understanding of SIM cards and GSM phones and just want to see how much money Roam Mobility can save you, the Roam Mobility plans are available to look through.  You can order a Roam Mobility SIM card directly from Roam, or if you are in the Windsor & Essex County area, please contact us and we can deliver one to you usually within 1 business day (often the same day).  If you would like a little tutorial about SIM cards and GSM phones, please keep reading.

Anyone that has travelled to the US and used their cell phone while on American soil has been introduced to the overpriced world of roaming charges.  Whether you made or received a quick phone call, sent or received a few text messages or worst of all you didn’t realize you needed to turn off data roaming before heading across the border.

Enter Roam Mobility.

Roam Mobility is what is referred to in the cellular services world as a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO.  That is an over complicated way of saying, they resell cell service using someone else’s equipment.  In the case of Roam they offer service via T-Mobile towers in the states at a huge discount compared to if you were roaming in the states using your Canadian cellular provider.

How does Roam Mobility work?

GSM phones require a SIM card to be inserted before you can use them.  They are similar to a satellite receiver that requires a “subsription card” to be inserted before they function.  If you have a GSM phone (all phones purchased via Rogers or Fido are GSM phones) you also have a SIM card from your cellular provider that allows your GSM phone to connect to the provider’s network for talk, text and data.

Almost all Canadian GSM phones can be used with any Canadian & US GSM provider SIM cards after they have been unlocked. When a GSM phone is locked, that simply means if you try to put a SIM card from another North American GSM provider in it, it won’t function with that provider (essentially it means your phone is locked to the original GSM provider).  Some cellular providers will unlock your phone for free, some will charge a fee and some will explain to you that you can’t unlock your phone until your contract for services expires.

Please Note: Roam Mobility service is only active while you are in the US

Roam Mobility Advantages:

  • buy a single day of service for only $2.95
  • service can be activated online or by calling 611 with a Roam Mobility SIM card in any unlocked GSM phone
  • your own US phone number
  • unlimited incoming calls
  • unlimited outgoing calls to US phone numbers
  • unlimited outgoing calls to Canadian phone numbers
  • unlimited incoming text messages
  • unlimited outgoing texts to US cell phone numbers
  • unlimited outgoing texts to Canadian cell phone numbers
  • 300 MB of data can be added to any talk & text plan for only $1/day
  • no need to visit a US store to purchase a US pre-paid service
  • keep your US phone number by activating just a single day of service each year (US pre-paid cards can require you to maintain a balance on the card that expires every 30 to 90 days)


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